Learning from workshops

Though there is no standardized formula to parenting worries, there is aid in the form of workshops conducted by experts in the field. These workshops are based on extensive research, psychological parameters and also adapted in a non generalized manner. The growth of a child is not exactly a patterned behavior but again parenting is a revealing experience. There are several workshops which offer a learning ground to parents who are interested to adopt applicable methods to handle daily interactions with growing children.


Prior to enrolling in a workshop it is important to go with an open mind and align all other personal chores to aid better concentration. Listening skills have to be high and you could also copy down the flow chart described by the expert. It is natural to relate each session to your personal experience and you could have a relation-chart on the side of your scribbling pad.


Jotting key words is the best way to participate. Towards the end, there would be open round sessions where you can express your problems. The workshops usually go on for an hour or two and follow up sessions are very important. These workshops are very encouraging as you realize all parents face the same problem as per their child’s age group. The topic is pre-decided by the counselor/conductor and its imperative that the parents do not wean away from the main motto.


Phrasing your query or apprehension is important to get the right reply. Often there may be personal issues which need to be worded in a precise format and with the intention to seek a professional answer. Most of the counselors here are professionals also offering personalized solutions to unique problems in a private appointment. The jottings are very important and serve as reminder to apply the general prescriptions during varied experiences.

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