Common Pregnancy Concerns

Pregnancy is a period when body undergoes a lot of changes. It is a good idea to be aware of the common concerns so that a to-be mother can avoid unnecessary worries.


Some of the common pregnancy concerns are as follows:


There may be bouts of pain that the women experiences in the stomach. Women often get worried at that. It is necessary to call the doctor if the pain is severe but if there is slight pain, then there is nothing serious to worry about. It is just that the uterus is growing and thus it gives pressure on other organs of the body. These pains are very much a part of pregnancy.


Another common area of concern is spotting. Spotting signals that the mother needs greater amount of rest. Although women do not experience periods during pregnancy, light spotting is common amongst pregnant ladies.


A mother should not worry too much about spotting that is not accompanied by strong pain however it is advisable to get a check-up done.


Spotting is very common during the first month. Because of this many women do not even realize that they are pregnant as they take spotting as periods.


Apart from pregnancy, another area of concern is iron level.

Iron levels often fall during pregnancy. Hence a pregnant mother is expected to be regular with her iron supplements. She is also advised to eat foods rich in iron like beans, potatoes, whole grains, lentils etc.



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