Listening to music during pregnancy

It is said that making your baby listen to music while he/she is in the womb has a positive effect on them. When babies listen to soft soothing music like bhajans or soft instrumental meditative music, it helps them to calm down. It is also observed that babies who have listened to music while in the womb are calm and composed in their nature as compared to other babies.  

There is also another study that indicates that one does not necessarily has to listen to slow music. Pop music can also help your child to calm down. It is essentially the rhythm that works well with babies. Also baby’s breathing pattern changes according to beats. Hence, listening to music with rapid beats for an extended period may stress out the baby. 

There are experiments conducted that have shown that plants who have been exposed to soft soothing music have grown well. Religious chants and mantras prove to be beneficial to the baby inside who gets the vibes of this music.  

Music also helps to hone some skills in young children. However overuse of anything can prove to be harmful. If a mother is playing music directly near her abdomen, limit the listening session to one or two hours a day. Too much of music can disturb your child’s sleeping pattern. As it is commonly said that music connects one to the soul, music connects mother with her soul and the baby’s soul as well.  

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