Chest Pain in Children

Chest pain in children is very common problem. We can neither call it a desease nor a deffect. It is rather a problem which arises due to body’s internal malfunctioning or any other minor prolems. Though usually chest pain is not a serious concern but there may be some other desease or problem behind it at times and perhaps this pain is only a side effect for the main problem. So if chest pain seems to be severe, directly consult to the doctor.


  1. Musculo- skeletal chest pain – One most common reason of chest pain in children is musculo- skeletal chest pain. There are many ribs in the chest wall and all those ribs are attached to a breast- bone which is situated in front. Three sets of muscles are also connected to each rib. The most probable cause of a chest pain lies in the movement of the rib- breastbone joint and the stretch in the muscles associated to them. It happens when the child performs any wrong movement during the excersise or because of any accident. A very sharp pain is experienced in this which worsens with breathing in and out.
  2. ESOPHAGUS TUBE PAIN – The ESOPHAGUS tube is found between the mouth and the stomach. There are many acidic agents present in the stomach which helps to digest the food. Sometimes these acidic contents rise up and enters inside the esophagus tube. This causes a burning or inflammation and sometimes chest pain too. This can be treated simply by taking antiacidic drugs.
  3. CARDIAC CHEST PAIN – A cardiac problem can also  cause chest pain. The highest number of cardiac problems start with a sharp pain in the chest. This pain may or may not be at a place nearby or at the location of the heart in the chest. Narrowing of the arotic valve, mitral valve prolapse are some problems of this type. Inadequate circulation of the blood to the coronary arteries also causes chest pain.
  4. There are many other reasons behind a chest pain that are non- cardiac. Sickle cell, pneumothorax, pneumonia, asthma are some non- cardiac reasons. Some times chest tumors are also there. These problems can be found by their other appearances that confirms the presence of a particular problem. As in pneumonia, a chronic cough happens with the presence of mucus and in asthma mucus is not present but there are episodic cough series.


In approximately 85-90% cases of child chest pain there is no relation of the problem to a heart desease. If a chest pain problem prolongs for a longer duration, it is better to go to the doctor than giving home treatments.