Building Speaking Skills

As the child grows, building his or her speaking skills is important. Talk to child as much as you can, encourage him to read aloud be it stories, poems, articles anything and here are some of the exercises that can help your child to improve his speech skills.

Though you may not have the entire day for your child read to your child as often as possible. Talk your child about how his day was and talk to him even while feeding him. And while reading stories to him let your child look at the words you are reading to him, so that he will get a better hold of the language and will identify words easily.

Once your child can read, encourage him to read aloud. This increases your child’s concentration and ability to read from text. Learning to read aloud is a great exercise to get a good grip at your speech. Also, later in school when your child is ask to read aloud in front of the whole class, he will be able to read aloud flawlessly. Try to bring variety to what the child reads. Apart from fables and stories, encourage him to read non-fiction as well.

Also, ask your child to recite poems to you and even speeches. Check the command of his language here and even the pitch of his voice, the pauses that he takes, the expression and the volume, and of course the overall effect of his speech. Encourage your child to participate in public speaking competitions that are held in schools. Help your children with the diction and the pronunciations. This increases the reading aloud ability tremendously.

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