School Children

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Pre-School Admission

A pre-school or a nursery school is the one which a child goes to before kinder garten/primary school or mainly before beginning kindergarten or Upper KG. Preschool, which is the first five years of ones…

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Gurukul Education

India has a great reputation of being the foremost bearer of world education system since ancient times. Education has played in major role in shaping the tradition, culture and intellectual wealth of the people of…

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improving vocabulary

All children are blessed with an immense aptitude to learn things rapidly. Repetition is another mantra as they tend to replace their learning with something that is fresher. Linking and connecting is also a concept…

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The Language Dilemma

Language plays a great role in one’s career graph. Naturally, parents feel clueless about where should they put their child, in English medium school or Hindi medium? Parents must be decisive about this quagmire. There…

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Toys for Kids

Animal toys The cutest amongst all toys are the little animals, birds, insects and the reptiles. Though created with the intention of primarily entertaining the child, parents and teachers, alike use it to also educate…