Children and student suicides in India

Alarming and thought provoking are two words to describe the recent spate of children suicides in India. Our children are the future of our nation and yet they are not confident about living. There could be a reason that is a common thread among all these suicides. Though only a psychologist would throw a clinical light on the same, there is somewhere a lack of trust in oneself.

 As a child grows from an infant to a toddler, a parent is constantly finding ways to make the child happy. Sometimes they are born with a silver spoon and plain lucky but there is a need to nurture their emotions more than material comforts. Today’s children have a lot of exposure mainly because their parents or grandparents are very educated and have a seen a lot of the worldly life. The bar on performance is very high within a family. This transcends on them and today’s generation picks up the progressive vibes and reflects the enthusiasm.

 The usual signs of discomfort in children in the growing years are that they like to be alone, spend hours in a room or do not acknowledge anything surprising. Merely being present in a social function may not conclude that they are enjoying the same. It is very tough for working parents and the mantra for home chores is also time management. Scheduling activities or going through a routine leaves us with more quality time with our kids.

 Often parents to teenagers say that their children do not need them. They seem independent in their choice of movies, clothes and vocation. But ultimately they silently seek our approval especially when it comes to education needs. Though financially we may be the provider they want our support. Parenting is no longer a give and take thing but it’s about participating.

 Finding the root cause of your child’s change in behavior or noticing his or her dislikes is very much important. The tough job for a parent is to persuade without pressuring as it is highly important to develop the emotional quotient of a child. Kids surely respect and love to be respected. Growing needs, their physical growth and aspirations are just as important as our goals in life.

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