Story Telling: Your Tool To Influence Children!

Children love to watch cartoons, play video games, and most wonderfully love to dream. This is a very well-known fact across the globe.


If you are about to ask an average child about a dream holiday, he/she might tell you:


“Would you pleeease take me to Disneyland, Orlando – USA? I would love to meet Mickey and his friends.”


In fact, researchers say that the children who dream the most are more creative and constructive in nature and, are also found to have better ideas, good leadership skills and great thinking. Children love to be in a fantasy world. Now as a parent here is your key. Their fantasy can be your tool to influence them, love them, caress them, and let them know about life in its really beautiful & mysterious ways.


The key here is to be great at creating a picture within their imagination and painting it with vivid colors all the time such that the influence of these colors make a lasting impression within your child’s lives. The only thing you have to do is create an astounding dream that removes the blocks of their minds and fill their heart and imagination with great enthusiasm.


Fantasy works like anything and children love to dream. Your story can be one of the best short stories ever written but what matters is the way you paint their minds. Story telling, especially short stories, can definitely make a great impact on their enthusiasm and these stories will always be remembered by them no matter even if they grow as old as your parents or you might be right now.


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