Spirituality to an average person in the world is often understood as an experience that is not only non-materialistic but also mystical which one either stumbles into by virtue of a significant life changing event like sickness, near-death experience or one that you attain after considerable perseverance and meditation.

But irrespective of the way you look at it, ‘being at peace with oneself’ is the essential truth that lies at the core of spirituality. This does not mean the evasion of all conflict or doing away with all conflict rather it is the recognition of one’s human finiteness. There is only so much that you can do in a given situation. To reach such a state of peace, one can either approach it through the help of institutionalized religion or by living according to certain values and principles attained through self-knowledge.

Spirituality Our frustration at not being able to craft our world and life according to our wills and desires is probably one of the root causes why we battle it out with our inner selves. We are unable to let go of things, our emotions and feelings towards others. We concentrate wholly on our comforts and our needs. For instance, we get anxious about the world, about events that happen in our lives and our inability to control it.

Keeping short accounts of what happens in our lives, the way people treat or behave with us can thus be a first step towards being at peace with oneself. Forgiveness is crucial to this process. Dwelling on past hurts, future anxieties, life’s events can deplete our energy sources and our capability to deal with change. One must therefore forgive the self and the human world.

It is also important to be kind for it has the power to heal. Showing kindness is essential for passing on forgiveness and a holistic well being. If all of us believed in being kind to one another, a lot of the stress created in our lives and in our interactions with others would highly be minimized.

And lastly, it is helpful to discover what calms us down and to always surround ourselves with it. If it is nature then attempt to bring nature into your homes. If they be aromas, light your favourite candles or incense and let the fragrance soothe you. If it is water then get a miniature water fountain and place them at strategic spots around the house and listen to the sound of water all day. Likewise, big posters of beautiful serene landscapes, devotional music can be indulged in to bring yourself to a calm frame of mind. Be reminded that you are here and life is not all about the hustle and bustle of living. So instead of looking at all the things that are wrong, celebrate all that is right and good.