Star Signs

Star signs are also called Zodiac signs. The Zodiac is a 360 degree circle around the earth where each of the twelve Zodiac signs exist. In astrology, each of these Zodiac signs represent a particular set of character traits, temperaments and tendencies that determine your personality, knowledge of self and one’s relationship with others around us. Star signs are also helpful in finding life partners that are not only compatible but may in fact be our soul mates.

These Star signs are also associated with the four Greek elements which in turn represent four aspects of life. A brief explanation of each one is given below:

The Element Fire representing activity.

Star Signs Fire signs are usually very confident, charged up with enthusiasm and always wanting to take control. They are the energy boosters in a crowd. Because they are so full of action and spark that they are often perceived as self-centered too busy getting attention.

The Fire signs are Aries and their mottos are (I am), Leo (I want) and Sagitarious (I see).

The Element Water representing emotions

Water signs are very sensitive and deeply driven by emotions. Like the composition of water which take the shape of the container they are put in, water signs are not rebellious in nature and tend to conform to the situation around them. They may lack consistency and stability as they can be compulsive. Sometimes they can be too sensitive.

The Water signs and their mottos are Cancer (I feel), Scorpio (I wish) and Pisces (I believe).

The Element Earth representing materialism

Earth signs as their name denotes are grounded to earth. They are practical, stable and consistent. At times, this may make them look stubborn and rigid. They like the mundane details, the tangible things in life which makes them appear materialistic.

The Earth signs and their mottos are Taurus (I have), Virgo (I scrutinize) and Capricorn (I use).


The Element Air representing thought

Like air that hovers above the earth, Air signs like to deal with thought and the intellect. They are also difficult to figure out as they are always moving and changing bordering on being superficial. They like to remain unrestrained and free of restrictions of any kind. They are also objective and unemotional

The Air signs and their mottos are Gemini (I think), Libra (I balance) and Aquarius (I know).