Sons or Daughters

One of the factors faced by every parent is gender factor. How many times, we have read in newspapers and special feature concerning choice of gender amongst Indian parents. Despite being firmly on the road of becoming one of the economic superpower, we still behave as third world country when it comes to preferring son over daughter. Female infanticide is a normal thing in many parts of India especially northern India. A family does not seem complete to majority of Indians without a male child. The issue facing us is what is it that is not provided by a daughter to her parents?


 The general belief is male child will be supporting parents in old age. True, male child supports his parents (many do!) but can’t the same responsibility be performed by daughters? Daughters can not only support their parents financially but emotionally as well. It is a known fact; daughters are more caring towards their parents than sons. Even in day to day affair like mothers going to shopping or discussing their emotional problems, daughters are more likely to be able companions than sons. Social science blames this condition to factors like dowry, scarce resources and economic means. Daughters are not provided proper education facilities in most of rural India. Other reasons behind this gender biasness include, India primarily being a patriarchal society, illiteracy and poverty. Benefits of education must be spread all across India. Social structure should be strengthened in such a way that could promote equality of gender. Parenting is an art as well as science. Once we are able to realize true benedictions of having a daughter, parenting becomes a double delight.

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