Rules for children

Children have a mind of their own. Most of their likes and dislikes depend on their mood. The interest they show in a particular feat can become mundane for them the next time it is repeated. Though being harsh with children is not recommended, it is good to be a strict with them. There are no hard and fast rules about parenting. Each child is different in terms of understanding a particular subject.


Once the child is a toddler and his pre-school starts, setting a routine is necessary. This relates to potty training, finishing the cereal or the glass of milk. Again one has to understood that children prefer variety in their eats. Be it breakfast or the regular milk, it is important to set fixed timings. Flavoring the milk is better avoided as kids get into demanding more and more stuff. Alternatively one could give the same milk and offer them variety in the breakfast menu.


Another rule to be set is sleep and wake times. For this it is more important to schedule activities. Initially  kids require the parents to get them to sleep. Establish a routine for a few months and then regulate the child into sleeping automatically. Nothing seems easy during start-ups but then these simple rules create a good personality in the child.


Kids must learn to know about sharing and caring. Breaking of rules can be allowed only in an emergency like sickness. Kids get habituated to rules soon and one can have a set of relaxed weekend rules like waking late or munching a chocolate after breakfast. Deviating from rules at the behest of a tantrum is another sign of weakness.


Kids need to understand not to waste food, never to litter or spit on the roads and brush before night sleep. Basic parenting skills are present in all individuals and no hand book can make you the best guardian. It is for us to also modulate into systematic rules and also let the child ‘be’ at the same time. Respecting elders and loving others is what kids must learn as a rule for life. Love begets love and hones a better individual.

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