recession in India


Kids have a keen need to know things.
India all over is facing the pinch of recession and all of us our finding it difficult to stretch our purse strings. Daily routine is also getting effected as the price of grocery items and vegetables are sky rocketing. The quantity of eatables is also getting reduced and there is a noticeable change everywhere. The stock market is mostly  downbeat further effecting our financial earnings.


The above fundamentals may sound a bit too much for kids, so the best way to tell them about recession would be to take them to the vegetable vendor and ask them the price of a vegetable. One could make them count the number of family members who are going to eat the vegetable and whether the size of a cauliflower or cabbage would be sufficient enough for consuming. Kids react logically and will give you an apt answer. You could also end the lesson by showing them a bigger sized cauliflower and the attached higher price.


But kids will always be kids and there will the tantrums for playing games at malls and a big treat in a swanky restaurant. Instead of taking them to the multiplex and spending a bomb on the tickets and eats parents can hire a movie at home. Interestingly  you could serve them heaped home made popcorn in newspaper cones, pizza toppings and chilled orange juice. Weekends can be great fun in going over to the beach or having a session with other kids in painting competition.


Conditioning the child prior to Diwali will also help them contribute in maintaining your tight budget. There are great sale happenings all over and let the kids make a list of gifts for their immediate family. Ordering sweets can be replaced by simple home treats. If new clothes seem necessary then kids can be made to understand to use their birthday shoes or recent buys in accessories. While cleaning up for Diwali, kids can also be given a free hand in choosing their Diwali wears in the existing collection.


Pollution risk is high during Diwali and kids can definitely avoid spending money on crackers. Using Public transport would be another way to help them understand the importance of money. Occasional treats are extremely important for motivating kids and they surely will understand the situation better.


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