New Generation Parenting Fundamentals

There are many ways to establish new generation parenting skills and fundamentals on your children, and the best fundas are those that work best for you as a parent and for your child as well. This striking of balance is one that is even and effective beyond explanation. New gen parenting fundas are those that will give space for both leniency and strictness and this balance will help your child as well create a rapport of respect and understanding between you and your child.

–          Be a friend when it is needed to your child. See your child’s confidence and ability build up and enhance by being friendly with them, laughing with them,  sharing emotions with them, understanding them as their friends would and putting yourself in their shoes and giving advice as a third or a neutral party and this will help a child to extents that are unimaginable.

–          Being strict or having a firm say when things seem to be spiraling out of control or out of hand, is a good measure or a balance to the equation with your child. For instance, if your child has really crossed his or her limits. Then it is good to have a firm say and firmly state or explain with a firm and string voice to your child, so that he or she understands that you are not joking and that you are explaining to him or her what is right and needed, and this will help to strike an equitable balance in your approach and in your rapport with your child.

–          This balance will help the child to understand when you are being lenient and when you are being strong about certain view points and this will help your child to respect and learn from you more.

–          An open relationship of trust and honesty is certainly important. For instance, do not lie to your child and your child will learn honestly from you and never be dishonest too. At times, when you are trying to be protective to your child and thereby do not want to honestly say something, do not be dishonest, instead try to divert to another topic, but for honestly to be inculcated in your child, a parent must try to do so too or divert the topic.

These are fundamentals pertinent to the new gen parent or new age parent.