Being A GoodParent During Your Child’s Adolescent Period

Being an adolescent is a complete new experience. Children have mixed feelings. There are many feelings such as love, hate, fear, hope, dreams, aspirations, etc. they have a lot of challenges to face and many unknown feelings arise. Parents play a major role in supporting their teenage children. First of all a good parent is the one who remains happy always. No matter how difficult and tough your life is, it is very important to present that you are happy, positive and cheerful in front of your child.

When children are growing up physically, during the adolescent period parents often end up sharing their own problems with them. During this phase, children can’t bear unhappiness. When they see hopelessness around them their morale is lost completely and it frustrates them and they might feel to just leave their home and go somewhere where they can find happiness.

Another thing to fear is when people feel unhappy about their children. Always complaining about their growing children may make them feel that their parents don’t believe in them and this may decrease your child’s dignity. A sign of good parenting is to be patient with your teenage kids. It is very essential to be patient and be a friend with your children. The bond developed in this period lasts for the rest of your life. Cultivating good habits in this age would assure you that they would be able to maintain their life well and could be fine housekeepers. But, do not force or restrict them instead explain them what is right and wrong and make them capable enough to decide for themselves.

Do not bawl at them if they commit a mistake. Explain them how it could have been better if done the other way and how they could have achieve it. Getting angry on them would give them a wrong message altogether would evoke feelings of sadness, loneliness and failures. It is very important to treat with them sensitively in order to make their future bright.