Educational games for children

Education games for children are specially designed learning aids, to impart education through entertainment. These games are especially formulated for different ages to cultivate motor skills, creativity and thinking in growing humans. However, educational games for older children focus more on teaching about certain subjects, expanding concepts and reinforcing learning. These games are also used as education tools by teachers to teach children more about their environment, history and culture.

Educational games are absolutely indispensable for parents and teachers, both at home and in school. They aid in teaching different skills to children through play. A child learns to count, speak, recognize colors and shapes, communicate and build basic blocks through the device of educational games, right from the time he starts playing. Gaming aids also serve to keep children occupied and involved in different educational activities. They help to develop concentration, interest and deftness in the child. Educational gmes prepare humans for adult life. Young girls get initiated into the business of cooking and rearing children by playing with kitchen sets and dolls at a very young age. They take to such toys and games instinctively at a very early age. Similarly boys love to build blocks, construct with mechanos and play football at an early age. These games also prepare them for their adult life at a later stage. Educational games are also an excellent way to inculcate social skills in children through group activities.

Development in technology has made computer games and video games hot favorites of children of all ages. Computer and video gaming is being used as an educational aid by parents and teachers now. However, one needs to be very selective about their type and accessibility. Board games and card game are also an all time favorite of children. Board games like scrabble, ludo, snake and ladder, chess, checkers and monopoly have never really gone out of fashion, and are excellent teaching aids. BEDMAS and Brain chain are wonderful examples of excellent board games, which are especially designed to educate.

Educational card games translate into any game which is played with cards. This can be either traditional or game specific. Card games help to expand concepts like set matching and food chain. Using flash cards is also an excellent way to teach children mathematics, impart general knowledge and develop their vocabulary. Some cards also double up as aids for memory improvement.

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