Depression In Teenagers – A Growing Problem

Is it that you are a father/mother of a teenager?


Do you often find your teenage child acting irrationally or confused?


If yes, then is it that you find your teenage child very depressed often than not?


Teenagers are at a stage of their lives when they get easily influenced but do not know what is right/wrong and good/bad for themselves. In short they do not understand how to act responsibly but are in the stages of discovery of how to be a responsible individual all by themselves. Their enthusiasms can be found to be very high during their teen lives and thus you might find their focus wandering from one thing to another. That leads them to a stage where they will be found confused often than not. This further leads them to depression.


Other than that, often pressures from friends, teachers and especially parents can get them depressed. Many a times, other children develop bad habits in school and these habits can also infest your child’s behavior with the same environment of other children and lead to development of bad habits in their behavior.


These bad habits along with depression can often lead to teenagers taking up things like drugs/smoking/alcohol during teenage/post-teenage life. What requires to be done by the parent is:


  • A parent must counsel their children as and when they find their child feeling depressed/low/confused or even angry. “Counseling can work wonders”.

  • A parent must be aware about what the child is experiencing in school, at home and the world outside.

  • A parent must take note of who are the child’s friends and what kind of friends does your child keep a relationship with.


Indeed, these steps are not to restrict your child from doing anything but to keep an eye open at your child’s ongoings and take precaution at the same time from any possible adversity. A parents ignorance about the child and their experience of life can have disastrous results. Be supportive to your child and be a good parent today!


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