Coping with an autistic child

Out of the several disorders/disabilities that a child can have, one of it is Autism. This is predominantly a learning disability in children. Parents initially find it difficult to accept reality that their child is autistic and thus in shock they feel that their world is collapsing. However, studies and real life incidents show that autistic children’s condition can be improved tremendously.

If a child has been diagnosed with Autism as parents this is what one can do to improve his/her condition – give your child constant support and encouragement to do better and encourage his/her by showing interest in his interests and embracing his errors with patience.

Parents of autistic child have to face challenges every day. They need to have determination to cope with all the problems that the child faces. Apprehensive parents first need to come in terms with reality and accept the problem only then they will be able to deal with their child.

Start with noting down small things about your child – they way he behaves the way he reacts, his communication etc.  Also observe his facial expressions and gestures and see what he likes and what he doesn’t. Note down the areas where you see the maximum scope of improvement. Also keep a track on all the activities for the development of your child.

Start exercising with your kids and use breathing techniques that are fun to do along with your kid. Teach your child different movements of hands, legs which he can do regularly. Working out together can become a great habit for you and your child. Needless to say but always be there for your kid.

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