Complex And Comparison: The Obstacle For Your Children!

Children are often compared between themselves. For example, if you have two kids, you as a parent often tend to compare their strengths and weaknesses and many-a-times you might have spoken about it in front of them. This develops complexes within their minds and lowers their self-esteem in front of themselves.


If you are thinking that every child is not the same in potential, I strongly believe that you require to think again. I beleive every child has equal potential in them. It’s just a matter that the child starts believing in the potential they have within themselves.


Comparing two siblings or even your child with his/her friends can lead your child to depression and even lot of tensions within their mind. Your child will be locked in a muddy-mushhy-pond and the more you will compare your child, the more you will count him/her as part of the not-so-authentic group of childen.


Your child is unique and his/her uniqueness cannot be compared in any way with any other child or even his/her brother/sister. Believe your child can do what it wants to and your child will succeed surprisingly.

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