Childhood Eye Care

Beautiful eyes always attract people’s attention and play an important role in the overall beauty of your face. Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body. Children easily catch eye infections because of a comparatively weaker immune system of the body and delicate structure of the eyes. Children who come into contact of polluted atmosphere or play outside in dirt and dust gets many infections along with eye infections as they are used to touch their face and eyes frequently and the bacterias present in the hands take their further action.

There are two common eye deseases and conditions which usually spread among the people and children. Though they can not be placed in deseases normally, it is better to call them a condition of eye defects –

  1. MYOPIA – Myopia is a condition of a defective eye in which the patient needs to use glasses to see clearly for a far vision.
  2. HYPERMETROPIA – This is a condition just opposite to that in myopia. In this, the patient uses glasses to see clearly a near view or for a clear near vision.                    Apart from glasses, wearing lenses or lasik surgery are also some options to enhance the vision.


Here are some eye care information for children –

  1. A healthy and balanced diet comprising fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits should be given to child. Use red vegetables like carrots, beetroot and green leafy vegetables like spinach etc. All of them are rich in carotene and vitamin A.
  2. Children should watch T.V. always from a distance and a continuous watching for a long time should not be permitted.
  3. While using computer, children must take a break after every 1 hour atleast. Continuous watching or work on T.V. or computer harms the eyes very much.
  4. While reading anything or studying, there should be suffcient lighting on child’s study table. Improper lighting causes unnecessary strain on his eyes which may ultimately result in a weak eyesight.
  5. Certain eye health excercises should also be taught to the children. Children must practise these excersises during the breaks from watching T.V.  or working on computer. Eyes must be washed properly with clear and cool water daily and regularly. The method of washing should be splashing the  water in the eyes directly and gently for about 10-15 mnts.
  6. Protective goggles should be used to ban the sunrays to harm the eyes.