Celebrating International Womans Day!

Its true that the world wouldn’t be beautiful enough if there was no feminine side to mankind.


When the girl child evolves into a woman, it is the beginning of an evolution of sorts as a woman starts experiencing their own beauty by themselves. Thus, a true woman is one who desires to become a mother (the divine self) and the result of this evolution creates a new world of love, laughter and fun within itself.


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s essential for you to celebrate it if you are a women your self or you have a girl child.


A girl child feels fearful and physically weaker compared to a male child. Many times, they experience the disadvantage of being a girl. Thus, you must make them realize that it is indeed beautiful to be a girl especially if you are a mother of one or more daughter(s). As a parent, it is your duty to make your daughter realize that they are strong enough to be on their two feet.


Here’s what you can do for your lovely daughter on this day:


  • Take your daughter(s) out for a dinner.
  • Give her a beautiful rose.
  • Give her a kind note, a card or gift that she will like.
  • Maybe a doll or a comic book to your girl child as a gift would be nice.
  • Agree to fulfill one of her wishes.
  • Wish Them A Happy Women’s Day! Do not forget!

It’s essential on this day that you must make your girl child smile so as to make them feel happy about being a women.


Happy International Women’s Day! Happy Parenting!

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