Are junk foods really “Junk”?

One of the world’s most difficult jobs is to handle children and raising them in the best possible way by providing them the right kind of environment. However, it will remain difficult until you will take it as a job because it certainly is more than that. The whole thing requires a good deal of understanding and love as there can be many issues that you may have to solve pertaining to your children. However, when you talk about good parenting, it’s not all about character developing as there are few other responsibilities as well. For instance, food is the first thing that you will have to keep an eye on, as children will be children and they don’t understand and can’t differentiate between the good and the bad things. One thing that can be seen in this regard is the exaggerated use of junk food. It has become more of a fashion thing to buy all sorts of junk food for children. However, most parents don’t understand the threats that are associated with these junk foods.  

The first and the foremost thing is that junk foods are the main cause of the promotion of obesity. It is because of the excessive use of certain types of junk foods that you can find a lot of children fighting with obesity. Obesity, certainly, is a threat to your child’s health and it can really stop your child to get involved in some sports or other healthy activities. The situation can get worse when children also go for some sugary drinks which, unfortunately, are quite common these days. Junk food can also cause lack of concentration, heart diseases and high cholesterol. 


The first thing that inspires children to go for specific junk food is the exposure to media through television. Television is the protagonist in this scenario, so, parents must keep a watchful eye as what their children see on Television. It is because of this reason that the people in most of the countries are now demanding a complete ban on propagation of these junk foods on television, at least before 9pm. However, being the parents, you must try to inspire your kid to go outside and play with his friends and get involved in some constructive or sporting activities as it is as important as their studies are. A healthy body will give a healthy mind which will help children to grow and to judge the disparity between right and wrong. Once they will achieve that, you will be considered to be successful as this is what good parenting is all about. 

Apparently, all of these things are so obvious, yet so effective and it’s such a pity that most of the people don’t pay much attention to these facts and let their children to fall prey to the vicious clamp of junk foods.

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