Sun Protection for kids

Parents try every possible thing for the safety of their children yet they very easily get affected to many infections. The reason behind this is the comparatively weaker immune power of them which is not strong enough to shield their innocent body to dust, dirt and other effects of outside harsh atmosphere. Parents try every single mean to protet their child from allergies, diseases and other similar things but they often forget about protecting their child from sun rays. If you are a parent of a small kid of age upto 8 years, one of your topmost priority should be your kid’s sun protection measures. Avoiding sun protection could harm your child very deeply and critically since over exposure of child’s skin to UV rays may cause him even skin cancer. UV rays (ultra violet rays) are a very harmful constituent of sunlight and its evenmore harmful for the child’s delicate skin. A strange fact is that in America skin cancer is most common type of cancer and lots of people die from it every year despite being it the most preventable type of cancer. In India sunrays are more sharp hence more dangerous for human skin.


  1. For very small children its better not to expose the child directly to the sun light. You should follow some sun protection methods to avoid the direct skin exposure if it is necessary to take him outside, but if not its suggested to keep him in when the sun is high.
  2. For school going kids sun protection hats can be used to avoid direct sunlight.
  3. At the time of the year when sun is brightest parents must use long clothes to cover the skin of the child while going out. These sort of clothes cover the entire hands and legs.
  4. Apart from long clothes, there are some clothes with a special fabric that is able to block the UV rays of the sunlight. They are called sun protection clothing.
  5. Sun protective swimwears are also available.
  6. Whatever protection we take to block sunrays, there are some parts of the body that can not be covered like face, neck and the fingers of the hand. For these parts of the body sunscreen lotions should be used. These are the lotions with a UV blocking formulae which saves the skin from harsh effects of the sun.
  7. UV blocking sunglasses should also be used to protect the eyes.