Healthy Eating Habits for Growing Child

An infant is supplied the necessary nutrients mainly by the mother’s milk or the suggested baby food. An small child is also under continuous vigilance of the parents, therefore he is provided with all the possible nutritions in the food course given to him. But when the child grows elder, It is not possible always to take a check on the food he is eating as he is now free to move, aware of the variety of eatables and also selective according to his tastes and likes dislikes. Even though a child has developed his own choices, likes dislikes and taste but still he needs parental direction about his food in order to develope good eating habits. A complete food is very essential for a growing child as a growing body needs more energy and vital elements. Neglecting proper eating habits can lead to many deseases and physical deficiencies in future. Eating healthy food is the best way to maintain perfect weight and acquiring all the vital nutritions that are necessary for a healthy body and mind. Parents must start eating healthy food themselves in the home and that will surely help the child to develope a taste for that sort of vegetables and dishes since very childhood.

There are many tips for healthy eating for children. Children are attracted towards the fast- food mostly so the food we wish to feed our children should be rich in nutrition, taste along with proper designing and asthetics as a mean to catch their eye –

  1. IN BREAKFAST : keep changing the menu. Fix one or more healthy dishes for each day of the week and ask your child for his preferences amongst the options. Refrain him from tea, coffee and do give him one glass of milk. If he shows reluctance for milk, you can add flavours to it or change it to home-made milk shakes with various fruits. Always use fresh vegetables in abundance while making sandwiches .To feed him sprouts, you can mix it with finely cut fruits and make a sprouts- fruit salad.
  2. IN LUNCH : Always take salad atleast half an hour before the lunch and use fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits in it. Compulsory members of a healthy eating plan are Pulses, rice, one seasonal vegetable, curd and any other nutritious dish that is easily available.
  3. IN DINNER : Dinner may be the same as the lunch but there is one thing to remember always : take breakfast heaviest, lunch lighter and the dinner lightest and couple of hours before sleeping.