Winter Care for babies

Like adults need special care of skin during winter, babies too need to take care of especially to protect their skin from harsh winters. One of the most common questions that parents have is that should one take care of acne problem during winters? Contrary to the common belief, parents are advised to stay away from heavy moisturizing creams and lotions that can worsen acne problem. Doctor advice is recommended. One can use light gentle creams. Make sure one does not rub the lotion to the skin harshly.


Surprisingly, too much cold can lead to a heat rash that can aggravate the problem of acne. This is because the baby may be kept in the house for long hours while the heaters may be on. Hence cover up your child well and take him/her outside to breather fresh air. Make sure you remove the extra covering when back to the house again.


Clean your baby’s skin with luke-warm water and mild gentle baby soap. Try and check for yourself to make sure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot. After the bath, apply the essential baby oils and gentle cream to keep the skin soft and supple. If skin is extra dry, apply the cream twice a day. However, do not apply extra oils because it can worsen acne. In case of rashes that do not disappear even after a considerable amount of time, consult a doctor. Needless to say but make sure you buy all kinds of woolen baby clothes to keep them warm.

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