Why Discipline And Boundaries Are Very Important?

We have often heard people saying that all the problems associated with teenagers and children are due to bad parenting. Is this actually true? We may not be able to answer this since there could be different reasons for all the situations. But, we can learn some tips due to which this type of situations can be avoided. There is no doubt that each one of us is shaped by the way we are parented. It is very essential to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.

What do you mean by good parenting? It is to guide our children and aid them to become people they are meant to be. It is not at all emotionally pressing them to become ‘the perfect child’. But, it is also not leaving them with any boundaries and guidance at all. To make the child feel safe and secure is the aim of any parent. But, how to make the right choices in life for themselves is also a very important lesson to be taught.

An environment of love and security should be made felt around him or her. This will only happen once you set boundaries. They will know how to grow in those boundaries and they also know that they are loved no matter what he or she does. Boundaries and discipline should have nothing to do with our giving and receiving of love to our children. Boundaries are not something with which children are born but they are to be developed around them. A child has to be made understood that he or she cannot get everything they want in life. There are certain limitations to be set. But, do not set these boundaries on them harshly but make them understand that why is it necessary for them and how will this help them. Setting of boundaries and discipline should not mean reduction in our love towards them.

Discipline generally has a very negative impact on the minds of the people. But, discipline means teaching, prevention and instruction. It is just creating of the feeling in your child for him to understand what is wrong and right in life. By not setting boundaries and discipline, you are stealing something very important from your child and are blocking their road to success.