Week 14 in Pregnancy

At this threshold (three months and a half months of pregnancy), your baby is as big as the size of your fist. You will have to continue to drink milk and take care of your diet because the coming months will harden the bones of your baby as calcium will be deposited in them. The baby’s neck is now growing and he or she will no longer have to rest his chin on the chest.


By now, the nausea will be finally settling but abdominal cramps will increase. This is because the uterus is growing and the surrounding ligaments are stretching along with it.


Pregnancy makes your gums swell hence do not worry too much about your dental health. Expecting mothers should brush their teeth and tongue after every meal and top off with an antibacterial mouthwash once a day. Ask a dentist about scheduling more cleanings throughout your pregnancy.


The shape of your eyes change, and you do not produce tears as much as you used to. Consult the doctor for a new prescription. It is advisable to rely on the glasses for the period of pregnancy. Skin and muscles will be stretching to make space for your growing baby. Opt for pants that are flexible and elastic.


It is said that Kegel exercises strengthen perineal muscles, which help prevent incontinence, and lessen tearing during birth. Do not forget to go for regular checkups and have your medicines on time.  

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