weaning woes

All mothers face the woes of weaning at some time or the other. Doctors recommend weaning off the baby after an exclusive feed of 6 months. A mother is the best judge to determine the correct time for weaning. This requires a lot of adjustments and new ideas to keep the baby cheerful.

Mother’s milk is considered the most nutritious. It is also important to get the baby attuned to semi solids after 6 months. Mashed items like potatoes, boiled peas, tomatoes and bits of cheese can be looked as an option. Weaning is more of an emotional adjustment for the child. Try to reduce feeds slowly rather than totally cutting it off.

During the scheduled time of feed distract the baby with walks or watching some nature. Love the child and hold her close so that they do not feel any emotional deprivement. In case you are working then instruct the care giver to make entertainment more high during the period of weaning.

Usually children cry a lot and out of frustration mothers succumb to feeding. But this may not actually work. A bit of tender care and distraction is the best for your child. Scheduling chores and making time is very important during weaning as the child may be irritable or cry incessantly. This is a normal phase of growth for the child as well as a parent and hence mentally parents need to be stronger.

Healthy foods like soups, juices in small quantity will eventually make the child love semi solids. There are teething biscuits or chewable food for the newly emerged pearly whites. Weaning the baby totally is a gradual process and night feeds are the most difficult part of the process.

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