Water Colour Painting for kids

Colours are something that can make children feel bright and cheerful. Water colours are used for a specific painting method. In fact they are the mediums through which children can paint easily. Children can just let their talent and creativity flow with the help of water colours. All that they need to do is learn the basics of this wonderful art!


Water colour painting technique is extremely old. It has been here since ages. To tell you a fact, water colours were used to paint the cave walls! When art as a medium flourished in the Renaissance period, water colour panting flourished too and today, here we are with all kinds of tools available to do so many kinds of paintings. Children should explore more about this medium of painting now that the summer vacations will set in!

For making a water colour painting, parents need to provide children with a water colour paint box (easily available in the market), a palette where they can mix the colours, brushes of various thicknesses. Each water colour has a unique property and when mixed with other colours children can see some interesting new colours and that in itself will give them the enthusiasm.

To do a water colour painting one needs a good quality paper. Different water colours will have different effect on the drawing paper. You can also try water colour painting on light colored papers such as pink and yellow! And yes, what is important for parents is not to throw away the painting even if it not a good one!


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