Understanding the child’s tantrums

‘How much is too much?’ is  a dilemma faced by parents when it comes to tolerating tantrums. Toddlers go through a myriad of emotions. Their skills are developing and we too expose them to a lot of things. The result is that they are more active than before. But children are innocent and also have a one track mind. If their mind is stuck on a thing, they would want it that very moment. The air plane in the toy store may not seem appropriate for your child, neither would you have a budget for that super hero game. Often in malls and stores you see kids wailing away and  helpless parents feeling embarrassed.


If one succumbs to these kind of pressure demands then the trait stays forever. There is a  simple way of conditioning the children. In  case the child has a new routine to adhere to, outbursts will be normal. Patience is required and do not shout or use harsh words to correct the child. Obstinacy is cultivated as the child is observing your own reactions. Being flexible on weekends would be a good option. Expose the child to get dirty or buy that huge swimming pool to splash along with the neighboring kids. If the kids have their way and you set time limits for the same, their attitude changes.


Using foul language in front of the child is the worst situation. Kids love to imitate and as you appreciate the child using the Velcro on the shoes as an independent behavior, it would shock you to see the child glaring at you. If the pre school teacher mentions of a certain behaviour about your child like hitting or pulling things from other children’s hand, do take it seriously. Kids love games and you could enact the behaviour at home. Make a sad face or put a sad smiley on your collar during such scenes.


Constant correction is required. Kids need to understand time limits and initially cajole the child to put back the toys. If the kids simply do not get message, use an assertive tone. Another way is to look into the child’s eyes, hold hands to draw attention and explain the situation with a hug and kiss. You will be surprised how kids love feeling important. Irritability is normal when the kids are unwell as they cannot express pain. If there is a bereavement in the family or a sudden change in routine, residence or school they express resentment by being touchy. Once a while we do the same and hence understand your child.

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