Traveling with the baby for the first time

Holidays are essential for rejuvenation. New moms put all their chores orderly to give utmost importance to the new born. Each child and mother has a different ‘settling time’. Milestones can also be different. In case, one has an older child, then outings have to be arranged so that he or she does not get bored.


There is no perfect time for you to start taking the baby out. Small evening outs will help you set a routine. Make it a habit to use a pram or a stroller so that both of you are comfortable. Usually the infant will doze off in a few rounds. Slowly as the routine sets in,  you will be amazed that the child demands such outings. If you have planned for the yearly trip and you are still nursing the baby, then this is a good time for you to go to a destination trip.


Nursing babies are easier to handle and the carry list is minimal to nappies, rash creams, powder, soaps and loads of clothes. Wherever you go the stroller is important. Also carry drinking water as nursing can dehydrate you. For kids in the weaning stage, there are simple options in mashed meals and you could carry your own containers and spoons. There are special temperature indicating spoons that help you feed the baby. Boiled water is essential and the hotel staff could always provide you with the same.


Other meal options can be semi solids in mashed forms like cooked carrots, potatoes, tomato, vegetable soups, rice and powdered chapattis. It is always better to regulate the food timings a month before you decide to step out. Another prudent decision will be to start with outings that are closer to home. Weekend trips are a good indicator as to how your baby can take the climate difference.


One should always carry the pediatricians number, alternative contacts and the initial doctors records in case of emergency. There is no need to panic in case of mild fever or cough as the baby is slowly getting its immune system strong. Food should be fresh, well cooked in boiled water and served in clean containers. A climate change would do a great difference to recharge the entire family. 

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