Top Kids Movies

We all love to watch movies. Everyone has different taste but when it comes to kids, they love to watch fantasy movies. Movies can be a great source of entertainment as well as motivation. A kid loves to feast upon imagery shown in the movies. It not only fires his imagination but also takes him to a different realm. Watching kid movies with the children can be a great way to establish stronger bonds with your wards. Agreed that not all parents love to watch those child movies but sometimes it pays to get rid of your own personal interests keeping in view larger goals. Sharing child’s excitement while watching movie can be a great de-stressor for parents also. It can also make you go back to your own childhood and relive all those wonderful memories.


There are several wonderful movie that kids love to watch again and again. One of the recent hits, Spider-Man broke several records on box office because of the children. All the three parts of the movie got immense popularity. Talking about movies that kids love, how can one forget Harry Porter series. Like the book, movie franchise also earned tremendous success among the kids. When one talks about kids movies, this series is definitely going to be one of the best ever. However, it all started with Star Wars series. It became equally popular amongst children as well as adults.


There are several other movies that child will love to watch. Few of them are, Zathura, Eragon, Jumanji, Sky Kids, Goonies, ET, Superman, Batman Begins, Spiderwick Chronicles, Water Horse, The Lord of the Ring trilogy, Babe etc. apart from that several animation movies like Ice Age, The Incredibles, Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda, Lion King etc are hugely loved by the children.

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