Tips for involving your child in pet care

Looking after a pet is indeed no child’s play but a little child play with the pet can indeed be helpful to you in your pet care routine. However, you cannot expect your child to take care of the pet single handedly just because he or she has coaxed you to get a pet home. But together, taking little help of your children can prove that pet care is not a chore but an enjoyable process. One can formulate a daily pet care regime. Fix the times when the pet needs to be fed and when the pet needs to be taken for a walk.  Children can help in putting the food and water to the pet. Older children can also take him for a stroll. Your child’s involvement with pet care should increase with age. 

Make sure that your child enjoys the whole process of pet care. Do not get things done forcefully from him. Your pet is something that helps you discipline your child. Hence do not punish the child of he or she has forgotten to feed the puppy on time.  As parents, you can plan a family day, probably on a Sunday where all the family members can take care of and enjoy with the pet. This will make pet care an activity that binds people together. Remember that pet care is a family team effort and that every day a member of the family can do different pet duties.

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