Theories will be theories but your practicality is essential

There are too many researches in this so called “good parenting” field and people spend too much time on reading and discovering about these technicalities. However, if people start to notice small things, they may never need this bit of guidance from external sources. For children, it’s the diminutive things that matters the most which parents often neglect considering them the trifle. The fact is that a child is not that complicated of thing, it certainly can be a bit of enigma but nothing that can’t be resolved without learning all those top notch parenting techniques.

First and the foremost thing is that you must keep an eye on the behavior of your child and that’s too from the early age. That’s the point where most people make a mistake as they believe that children will be more obedient and will behave well with the passage of time. However, they must understand that the time of learning for their child is that very part when he starts to understand the behavior of different people and yours in particular. So, you must take actions right from the word go or you will end up looking for tips and theories for better parenting.


There are a lot of things and qualities that has to be in a perfect man or in a complete woman. These are the qualities that you have to bestow your children with to be the perfect and complete. Confidence is perhaps the most important thing that you can help your children to acquire and that can be done by assuring him that you will be on his side, no matter what will be the outcome. However, there is a thin red line between confidence and arrogance, so, always take care for that.

The basics will be the basics and you will have to keep an eye on them, however, a different and weirder kind of situation can arise at any time with anyone. For instance, despite the fact that you are paying a lot of attention to foster your child in the optimum way, he can sometimes become more arrogant, roguish or can behave in a different way with exaggerated tantrums. That is the part where you have to give rapt attention and must devote a lot of your time to get close to your child to know as what exactly is bothering him? You may be hard-pressed to determine the problem, but, if you will be able to resolve the issue, then it will be the half thing done for you to make him a better person who will ooze confidence.

As a whole, it can be easily deduced that your child is your foremost responsibility and you have to be on your toes to make him a confident and successful person. So, don’t spend too much time learning as how to behave with your kid, the most important thing is to spend time with him, learning and knowing about him. That’s the best and most amazing thing that you can do for him and for his personality and mind you, that’s not a theory and you certainly don’t have to be a rocket scientist to grasp and implement it.

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