The Four A’s of Good Parenting

Parenting is more than a full time job; a job which requires a lot of patience, warmth, love and dedication. You can always become a great parent but that can happen over a period of time and not in a day’s time. Parents do make mistakes but what is important is that, a good parent develops good traits such as identifying their mistakes and finding a resolution to their mistakes to make sure they don’t happen again.

The four traits of good parenting that start with an ‘A’ are as follows:


When your child requires you as and when asked, as a parent it is your responsibility to make sure you do give them dedicated quality time and resolve their needs. Moreover, watching a movie with them they love to watch or going for swimming or any outdoor activity with them will make them feel ‘a part of you’ and that is what children want at all cost. Love your children by being available to them at all costs rather than just spending money to meet their necessities.


A pat on your child’s back for doing a good deed will motivate them to do more good than bad. Even a small token of appreciation in return of a good deed done by them will work wonders and encourage a positive behavior in them. It will help them mature faster and know the difference between right and wrong. Express your appreciation completely as and when you see an opportunity to do so and they will respond in the best possible manner.


Ask your self, don’t you wish to feel a lot of affection for your own self?

I am sure; you have a lot of affection for your own self. Naturally, children are very sensitive and they require your affection, your love – in every way possible as you are a focal point for them. A parent must understand children when they are young are very affectionate by nature.


Accepting your children completely as they are without complaining, criticizing and condemning their nature proves that you love children unconditionally and completely. This gives a certain boost of confidence, a lot of support-warmth-security and upgrades their self-esteem. As a parent if you do not accept them as they are, nobody will.

A parent has complete control over the present and the future of a child when it is being nurtured by them. If a parent creates a superb self-belief in the minds of their children and helps their children to open their minds & hearts all by themselves to live happily ever, the child can become a real inspiration for millions if not billions across the globe.

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