Telephone manners

Telephone manners
And you thought it was only meant for adults? Often parents let go of some manners thinking that it is ok because they are kids. But inculcating these manners in them is necessary at an early age itself.
Hence, it is important that you educate your child with telephone manners. Often kids are heard shouting loudly on the telephone or speaking in a rude tone with the person on the other side. This not only embarrasses you but also creates a bad impression on the person online.
Some of the telephone manners that should be inculcated in kids are:
·        Teach them how to greet the other person on the telephone
·        Tell them that it is necessary to let the other person know who is on the line. Hence tell them to introduce themselves.
·        Children to ask the person online whom does he want to speak to.
·        It is also courteous to let person online know if he should wait till the person who is wanted is called.
·        Become an example. Tell your child to observe you when you are talking on the phone.
·        Being polite is absolutely essential. The tone and the voice are two important qualities that need to be worked upon while talking over the phone. 
To site an example, this is how your children can make for a good telephone conversation:
Your child: Hello, Good morning, John here.
Person online: Hello, Good morning, John. Can I talk to Mrs. Margaret?
Your child: Yes sir/madam, may I know who is on the line?
Person online: This is Miss Amanda
Your child: Sure miss Amanda. Please hold for a moment

After this, make sure your child does not shout loudly to call you while the caller is listening on the other hand. If your child can, ask him/her to ‘on’ the call waiting tune.
Also if you are not available, teach your child to answer
 “Mummy is not at home now. Can you call back after a few minutes? Can I take a message for you?”
End note: Good manners inculcated at the right age stay forever.

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