Teenage paves it way to greater responsibilities in life. This is a time to learn from mistakes and yet go about life in an unassuming way. Teens are certainly more aware of options in career, education and general entertainment in life. Kids at this age are often enticed and also copy their peers or role models. If you suddenly find your16 year old girl asking for a peacock color eye shadow then this is your time to accept that things are going to change.

Teens are going through a certain sense of freedom which also brings with it a lot of insecurity. This means they like the enjoyment in the freedom but are bogged when they have to accept responsibilities. Just as we make our five year old independent to tie their shoe laces, teens must also have chores assigned to them. Single children are often over protected and actually spoon fed very innocently by their parents. This makes teen parenting very difficult.

It is a phase in life and they find solace in the company of their friends. As a parent it is good to be sympathetic but they must be a taught to respect you and identify virtues. Get them to trust you and be nice to their friends. If you feel a particular association is unhealthy for them, then be frank in your opinion. Many teens are now facing a crisis to deal with general life and indulge in fashion statements to prove their point. It is nice to have trendy accessories but their focus on skills and academics have to be maintained at all times.

Troubled teens often go on over eating especially as comfort foods in the junk variety gives them a certain amount of assurance. They pile up kilos which again lowers their self esteem. Let them associate in a group activity or a club and encourage them for treks or a particular sport. If you find their grades dropping or having a sudden penchant for dieting then the matter needs your intervention.

A bit of love does smooth the tensions of the bond and yet parenting teens is another phase in life.

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