Teenage Stress and Anxiety


Teenage stress? Anxiety in children? Yes, Teenage stress and anxiety have become as common as adult stress. It is alarming to see the number of teenage kids being depressed, tensed, stressed, sad…

Today, the expectations out of a teenage kid have increased drastically. Be it academics, at home, other performances, teacher’s expectations, parents expectations, peer pressure etc kids are facing a tough time to cope with this and seeking stress management.

Many parents are not able to provide emotional support to their children which are the main causes of stress. Constantly, parents are creating unrealistic expectations in children. As parents, they should understand that everybody cannot be first in class, every child cannot excel in extracurricular activities, and every kid cannot be the “best achiever” However, as the cliché goes, ‘every child is special’ is TRUE! Each kid has his or her own set of unique talents. You can help them nurture that. But demanding something out of your child is totally unacceptable.

Talk, talk and talk further with your child. May be your child might not open up. But do not give up. Slowly try to provoke them to talk to you so that you know how their school life is, what happens at tuitions, what kind of friends your child has etc.

Today, the home environment in most families is so stressful that there is no scope for the child to remain happy and tension free. Most dads are worried about their business, financial markets, Sensex…and what not. Moms too are either worried about their work, their household chores and more. How will your child grow to be happy? Avoid discussing problems in front of your kid. Make them feel relaxed with short inspirational stories and songs…which will in turn relax you as well!  

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