Teenage obsessions


Teen trauma is specific for children and a new chapter for parents. Parenting becomes tough when there are siblings of younger age and a simple decision like movie gets to be a brainstorming session. Teenagers love independence and it’s perfectly fine for them to go once a while and hang out with friends. Though helicoptering will backfire, it is important to get to know their friends and also insist on target timelines. Make sure they have access to you and insist that they call you on reaching and leaving the destination.


Teens are very conscious about their appearance. Anorexia hits teenage kids the most and hence it is better to help them reduce their weight through a proper diet and exercise. They have arbit demands of joining the latest gym or equipping themselves with the latest dance classes. If financially this is not feasible, then accompany them for a swimming session or morning walks. Respect their space as teenagers are more into bonding with their age group.


This is a time about asserting individuality but parents must get them to also respect elders. Setting rules along with grounding may seem necessary at time. Their perception is mostly influenced by what they see and let them make their own choices about the party at home, décor or choice of clothes. Telling them to do will not work and hence suggestions will be more welcome.


Teenagers love to help and love the sense of independence. Give them to do their own things like make their bed, iron their clothes and do not offer to arrange their closet. It is important to instill in them the importance of our rich Indian tradition and culture and also not lecture them with excess of rituals. Life comes a full circle and today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s responsible citizens.


Gently correcting them will create a good rapport between both of you. Appreciate their cooking and let them take you to the doctor when you are sick. Love begets love. Encourage them about their looks and suggest a new set of clothes for the New Year bash. Let them understand the importance of budget and finance. This is a very delicate time for parents too, as our expectations many times may not fructify. Help them but let them mould into a positive personality.




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