teen problems

‘I know what to do, but am still figuring out how to do it’. This is a typical statement of a teenager. Confident and confused seems a strange combination yet the adorable teenager is a constant cause of apprehension for a parent. Suddenly the baby girl in pigtails wants a high pony or the silver Cindrella sandals. The boy with a penchant for toy guns and puzzles wants guitar classes.

Teen problems are much more than frayed skirt hems and tattered jeans. This is about style but actually teenagers are just trying to understand their sudden spurt of creativity. Biologically too, it’s a time for hormones. They have mixed feelings about their goals, sudden interest in the opposite sex and all this seems puzzling. Many parents are not able to relate as they had a different phase of childhood.

Our children are more aware and open to change. Circumstances now are more progressive and we also want our progeny to have the right mix of culture, modernity, academics and extra curricular activity. Acutely exposure is the keen issue. Once children understand their rules then discipline need not actually be told to them. Its inculcation for teens and a great learning phase for parents too.

They love experimenting and talent is also noticed during teen time. Metros usually have summer camps which are also a great way to channeslise their free time and energy. Expending their mental conflict and resurging their physical energies is one way to keep them busy. They all love to cook, clean and dress well. And all we want is the Best for our child.

Please do write in with your experiences in dealing with your adolescent child.

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