Teaching the art of perfection to your kids

Sometimes your kids show so many interests and go to so many classes that he or she falls prey to the famous proverb – A jack of all and a master of none. Your child might want to do everything that his or her friends are doing but it is essential that your child learns to master one skill. This will help him to go deep in that subject and learn all the essentials to become a specialist. I have seen many kids that go to dancing, drawing, singing, karate, poetry etc all at the same time. While it is necessary that a kid should be exposed to all these hobbies, it is also necessary that your child shows interest and inclination towards one hobby which he or she can later convert it into ones passion.

Consistency and dedication to one skill or hobby can give an edge to your children over others. If your son or daughter has shown a keen interest in learning dance, enroll him for specialized dancing classes. Let him or her master different dance styles rather than pursing other different classes. Do not force your child to go to any hobby class; they are bound to perform poorly. In case it is difficult for the child to determine what his or her interests truly are, help him identify the same by observing his behavior and chalking out a personality map for him. Parents have to teach the child to remain consistent because perseverance and perfection is necessary to achieve success!


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