Teaching Indian culture to your children

India is a basket of various gems, pearls, diamonds etc. Indian culture is surely one of the possessed diamonds of India. Our culture is so rich and varied that it becomes the duty of every Indian parent to impart values and traditions of our proud culture. Today, due to western influence on India, the young population of India is deprived of our culture. Parents can impart Indian cultural education at home itself. Encourage your child to read books on Indian dances, Indian Classical music, Indian fashion, Indian religions, Indian freedom fighters, temples etc. Most grandparents in Indian homes are known to narrate mythological short stories and Indian stories to children that have some moral learning. These mythological serials are also shown on television. Children can learn a lot from these serials rather than watching cartoons or music channels.

India also has a lot of variety in weddings as well. Different weddings have different customs and traditions. Take your children to weddings and tell them about the customs that are followed and their significance. As parents, you may not only praise and appreciate Indian culture. Let your child also know about the caste system in India and tribal population and their own customs. Encourage your child to have his own opinions.

India also has a lot of oral traditions that includes shlokas, bhajans, and mantras. You can teach your children these shlokas with its relevance and the Gods and the Goddesses it refers to.

Children love festivals. But most of them are not aware of the significance why the festival is celebrated. Thus while Holi and Diwali is celebrated with colours and crackers respectively, tell your child the reason why these festivals are celebrated and what customs and traditions are followed during these. Cultural education in today’s scenario is as important as other subjects that your child studies!

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