Talent hunt

Every parent wants their child to excel in feats. The times today are challenging and much competitive owing to the plethora of choice. Stereotype academic careers are also witnessing change. Opportunities are not restriced and yet it is becoming difficult for a parent to understand the child’s skills. Looking for the unique talent in our child is very important. Most children simply love dancing and singing and jumping to a conclusion that a child will be a singer will not be apt.


Academics are necessary to go on with the demands life poses. Having a balanced time table of work and play seems important. Comparisons are often made by parents and at times it’s natural too. But as a parent we need to control this feeling and concentrate on our child’s attempt to do extremely well in certain feats. Toddlers are very perceptive and love novel ideas. Hobby ideas like painting, dance class or gymnastics is a wonderful way to combine a health exercise and search for the talent.


Many times talents like singing or sports are inborn and travel down genetically. But there are contradictions present in every aspect of life. In case the parent is a renowned personality in the field of theatre, there is no necessity that the progeny will share the same talent. Labeling such a child, as ‘Black sheep’ will be demoralizing the personality. Let the child just ‘be’ in the sense let them have a good exposure and yet pressuring the child will not yield into results.


Competitive exposure also does well for the child. Initially the effort should be more about building confidence rather than performing. In case the child constantly emerges as a winner in stage shows, there is a definite talent there and nourishing the same will be important. Finding the right mentor and seeking guidance through vocation guidance center will also prove helpful in honing the existing talent.


At the same time, in case the child does not exhibit his or her talent, parents must make it a point to expose the child to various hobby ideas. Talent is often latent and waiting to be stimulated!

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