Taking care of your Baby’s skin

We are often worried about our baby’s skin and other health related issues. The skin of a baby is soft and extremely sensitive. Therefore, every parent must be tremendously careful and cautious while applying anything on their child’s skin.

First of all, avoid using any random products on their skin. Always remember that your and your baby’s skin is completely different. That’s why you must use skin care products specially made for babies.

Baby oil is very important for the mosturisation of your child’s skin. It helps maintain the softness of the skin. Use a mild cleanser while giving them a bath, so that there’s absolutely no risk. Make sure to maintain the desired hygiene for your baby. Give them a bath regularly during the summers, daily, whereas maybe every alternate day in the winters. This is especially for new born babies.

During the winters, massage your baby’s body with baby oil to avoid dryness and add shine. Also remember to give your baby a clean bath after this. Apply baby powder on their body to keep them cool. Apply it smoothly with a soft puff or cotton instead of sprinkling it and tapping it.

Make sure to change their diapers often. Apply powder or a protective diaper cream to keep your baby away from rashes. Babies under 6 months of age should spend little time in the sun. But avoid the mid-day sun and try to take advantage of the early morning hours. Ask your doctor for a sun screen recommendation to avoid tan and sun burns.

Every child has sensitive skin and extreme measures should be taken by all parents to handle it with care. If proper responsibility is not taken, it can harm their skin and create further problems like rashes, boils, burns, pigments, etc.

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