Taking care of a sick child

Motherhood teaches us a lot of facts regarding life. Sickness of a child in its mildest form is a great cause of concern to a mother. Uptil the age of five, kids are prone to have a lot of health problems. Teething is accompanied with watery stools and as the child tries his initial steps accidental falls are natural.


It is very important to care for the child during sickness. Viral infections or skin rashes are very common. The common cold brings with it sore throat, ear infection and also cough. The harsh effects of viral cold in the form of ear infection is unbearable as the child constantly cries. Colic is another problem in infants which happens owing to gas accumulation in the stomach. Though there are many home remedies, one should not try the same without consulting the pediatrician.


Kids are also prone to worms and de worming would be a good idea in consultation with the doctor. Most doctors do not prescribe any additional vitamins or minerals as the diet should be based on natural consumption. Including soups and salads and restricting junk food is essential for health. It is also a common belief that a thin child is a sickly child. It is important to understand that the child should be blessed with energy, stay active and also happy more than a few extra pounds.


Children are not easy to manage while they are sick. The common problem is breaking into a tantrum, tears and yelling. One should be compassionate during this phase and also know your limitations. It is perfectly fine to keep some chores unattended while caring for the sick child. The queue at a pediatrician or  a dentist is all about patience and waiting. Make adequate preparations to carry some eats and water so that both of you are comfortable.


Allergies often occur during childhood. Most times kids are not expressive and you suddenly know that the child is just not looking right. In case of serious illnesses it is also important to get your mind strong. Actually too much of worrying or extra pampering will do no good for any of you. Believe in the doctor, prayers and do your best in such circumstances. All of us get a bit stubborn or depressed when sick and hence a child’s nature during such a time is very well justified.

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