Table Manners and Etiquettes…

We all make sure that our children are obedient and disciplined. But along with general discipline, it is important to teach them, table manner and etiquette. You can’t expect your child to be born with good conduct, its something you as a parent need to instill in him.


The basic table manners that should be taught, include washing hands properly before starting your meal which helps your remain hygienic and placing a napkin on your lap. Moreover, sit up straight and don’t stoop while eating, never keep your mouth open while chewing and never talk while eating, never disrespect or talk bad about the food and always say thank you when served, never pick anything from your tooth while on the table, never reach across the table and instead politely ask someone to pass the dish to you and last but not the least never burp while or after a meal.


Such ethics can’t be forced upon children and they take time to adopt these mannerisms. Don’t keep pestering your kid and instead appreciate them when they display good manners. Children tend to imitate their parents. You can use this to your benefit and set an example for your child by performing these etiquettes responsibly. Also, children hate being formal all the time, so let them be themselves and amuse themselves at times, when at home. Reward them, maybe with something they really like, when they exhibit fine table manners.


It takes time for children to absorb and execute table manners and we as parents need to be patient, calm and serene with them. A little credit and appreciation would boost their self-esteem and make them more responsible. Lastly, don’t over-focus on table protocols and snatch away the delight of the meal.

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