Summer camps

With vacations commencing this month, most children have a kind of nervous energy that needs to be channelised. There are several opportunities to expend this energy and get into something more constructive. Clubs and many play schools organize activities which are highly creative. This is also a great opportunity for children to make new friends and widen their circle. Kids bond well in a new scenario as anything that is novel is always interesting for them.


The age limit is generally targeted from three onwards to ten for younger kids. An array of programs is coordinated effectively so that kids enjoy participating. Clay modeling, drawing, face painting and tattoo making are certain entailing as per the program. Interesting movies and puppet show are also included which is special entertainment for kids. The last day session usually ends with snacks and games.



Summer camps that are in-house organize many activities like daily indoor games, story telling competitions and also art-work. Origami extends to envelope making, face masks and also simple paper folding tricks that are excellent work-outs for children. Being involved in a summer camp is a great way for toddlers who are scheduled to attend school in the next academic year. They get accustomed to a new surrounding and also understand the concept of staying away from their care giver.


Many organizations are coming up with adventure camps for older kids precisely age 9 onwards. They have programmed trips like terrain walking, treks, rock climbing that have the safety procedures well maintained. Outdoor camps are excellent for confidence building. Nature walk camps are also a wonderful idea to spend your vacation. The tours are scheduled mostly on weekends.


As most families usually vacation to a destination there is ample time before going for the break. Holidays are meant for relaxing and using talent constructively. Summer camps also organize learning camps like skating, squash, gymnastics, lawn tennis and swimming and fees are applicable accordingly.

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