Study time during vacations




Vacations are periods of relaxation for the entire household. Most schools are closed at the end of term, for Diwali and during Ccommhristmas. This helps the child to relax and adjust to a new routine where restrictions are less. To make their vacations enjoyable it is important to allot time without with rigidity. Morning wake up timings can be altered but it is important for them to have a proper meal time.


In case where parents are working, the holidays can be made enjoyable by communicating play hours. Proportionate time can be allotted towards outdoor play, watching television, outings and for academics. Learning would be more fun if friends or cousins could team over for word games, vocabulary building or spellings. Drawing classes for summer time would again be a great way to learn and there are lessons in phonics for pre primary.


Study time for older kids is vital as they need to be in touch with their syllabus. It is always beneficial to learn new things from home or again practice multiplications or simple divisions. This keeps their mind healthy as mathematics is mentally stimulating. Pictionary is also a fun way to study and suited for older kids.


It has to be clearly indicated to kids that as play time is healthy, it is also necessary to have a few hours in the day dedicated to studying. Study per se will not interest them but incentives such as weekend picnics or a visit to the zoo will keep them interested.


Mental math or a competitive test is another way to make them learn some this about academics. General knowledge is a powerful method of inculcating other interests than the main curriculum. Kids love to explore new animals, exotic plant life and also new things in adventure sports.


Parents could allot them essay writing for the day or ask them to learn a particular poem. Praise works like wonders on a child and they love to work hard next time. Gentle persuasion is better than compulsion. Beginners to school also have wonderful picture books, paint work and simple phonics conversation which are learnt enthusiastically. The key word is patience and modulating a time table for them to understand that this is not a chore.

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