Start Behaving Even Before Becoming A Bad Parent

Yes, I know you have already become a parent, no issue, still enough time is there to become a good parent. It would have been better if you have started contributing little towards becoming a good parent from the day you had committed parenting. You might have dreamt to prove yourself as an ideal parent, but I am sure, you have not done anything concrete towards materializing your dream before the child was born. Forget those failed days, at least start now afresh to gift your children the most ideal parent on earth.


Good parenting is also a skill, which needs to be sharpened through exercises. It is incorrect to say, parenting cannot be learned, it is to come from within. It’s wrong, totally illogical. If that is the truth, then one with high IQ must not go to school to improve their intelligences. Like any other professional hard and soft skills, good parenting is also needs to be learned from experiences and others’ examples.


To become a good parent, you have to appear for live tests consistently and continuously. Even if you fail in some of them, you must not become rouge or demoralized. It’s itself is a test and you have to face them without any special consideration. Never fix a target for your kids for which you all may need to wait years together. You must focus towards achieving goal shortly and in the process, you will definitely win the race! Act on the present; don’t spoil future thinking past or possible future strategies.



You may find thousands of tips on how to become a good parent; but all are not necessarily to be followed. Your most important focused priority should be to help your kids developing excellent personality coupled with unlimited self-confidence, willingness towards absorbing any given task without considering consequences and awareness for keeping health well. If you consider yourself well capable to address these issues, you are already a good parent.



In majority of the cases, our kids develop weak confidence starting from the days when they start listening old stories highlighting triumphs of ghosts or similar evil creatures. Listen me, never expose your kids to such fearful stories just to stop their cries or to make them sleep early. This is the most dangerous aspect where majority of our parents fail towards becoming an ideal parent. Allow your children grow naturally, do not impose military disciplines from the age of five! Try to provide items whatever they ask for; remember, they will ask things that you will be able to provide them. Check my wording! Once back from school, inspect their schoolbags, you may get some lead to correct them in time.



Going out together, at least once in a month, is mandatory to rejuvenate the bonds that you have with your kids. Always try to have meals together in a fixed time schedule. Eating and sleeping maintaining strict time schedule is mandatory for a better health. If you able to provide timely food and rest to your body, you will never report sick, and thus you can ensure discharging well the tasks of good parenting.



I have discussed the issue of good parenting with some of my good friends who have proved excellently in their good parenting. Logics and counter logics with ample life-examples were presented there. Two most important lessons that I learned that day are I will never allow my grandchildren sleeping alone until they attain the age of 18 and I will not hesitate them giving quality tuitions for their studies! Both seem to be opposite to your traditional myth, but that’s the mythical way of making great children!

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