Stage fright


Kids have great many opportunities in school and activity classes to prove their talent on stage. All of us are talented and this is a divine gift. The requirement is to recognize the talent and though we enroll them in drawing or dance classes their real talent will efface in the years to come. Exposing children at a young age to group activity brings in a lot of confidence in them. This is the only way they can overcome being self conscious and also prove their talent when given a chance.


Often at the sports ground or recitation class, we find that children shy away or begin crying. This is the initial phase where parents and teachers have to work hand in hand in restoring the confidence of the child. The most important fact is participation and going on stage with confidence. In case of a fancy dress competition, parents can show children pictures of such happenings and also engage in family rehearsals. This gives them a chance to perform and the traces of ill confidence will automatically vanish.


Many kids do not like excessive clothing and gears. They are uncomfortable with the get up or make up essentials that are required to be done on stage. Use holidays as face painting days for the family as you casually enjoy the lazy brunch. Once kids love the idea of dolling up whether it is a spike for boys or the rouge for girls they will demand more shades in the make up box. Our motive should be to make them comfortable and encourage them with praises.


Praises can never be sufficient for a growing child. For them their family is most important and the applause they get from their audience boosts their confidence. Do let them know that it is okay to fumble or forget the sentence. Do let them know it was fine if the gear came off or they just lost themselves in front of the audience. The beauty is about being on stage, alone and addressing the crowd.


This is a great milestone for the first time performer and capture the essence with camera or shoots and show it to them the next time they need to go on stage. This is just a matter of overcoming the fear factor which will do them good for all their future challenges.


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